Marino Rocks for Elephants!

By Kate Hartwig

I'm fundraising for elephants!

The wonderful Marino community came together in 2022 with the aim of creating a lasting legacy in the area.  Sadly, it didn't turn out quite how we'd hoped, but here's another chance for the Marino Rocks Community Co-op to leave a legacy for South Australia!

I want you to help Monarto Safari Park home three Asian Elephants by becoming an Ele-dopter and having the MRCC name permanently on the new Elephant House.

The funds raised will enable the park to provide a ‘forever home’ for three very special elephants who will become founders of a South Australian herd and allow them to socialise and roam at the largest open-range safari park outside of Africa.

Donations are tax deductible and every dollar counts!

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can. The more people that know about this amazing opportunity, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Magnus Ahlgren


Upton Richard


Dave Hughes

Let’s get these majestic animals here at Monarto. Thankyou for caring


Kirsty Hankel


Angela Davison


Karen Mitchell

happy to help the marino rocks community to have a legacy


Sarah Sain


Jo Sperryn

From Dave Janeway (MRS member)


Heather Mccracken


Simon Beer


Pamela Green


Jo Hendrikx


Chantel Merrett


Goldie Gourlay



Karen Mitchell


Kaz Sellars

Goodluck Kate, my 2 children have always wanted to see Elephants at Monarto!


Karen Anderson & Hans Wijgh

I Love Elephants, thank you Kate for organising this for the Marino Rocks Community Co-op :)


Erica Flato-beckett


Kitterringham Family