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Burma, Permai and Putra Mas are looking for their forever home

And this jumbo dream has been turned into a reality!

In just 28 days, 4,600 incredible donors helped us raise over $2.4million to help home three Asian Elephants 🐘   

We are blown away by the support of the elephant and conservation-loving community. A mammoth thank you to each and every one of you who got behind us in helping to home elephants, we couldn't have done it without you.

If you haven't donated yet, there's still time to be part of history. All donations received will still go towards the Asian Elephant project and contribute to things like a browse plantation for the elephants!

Will you donate to help home elephants in South Australia?

Zoos SA is a conservation charity. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

As an Ele-friend, you'll be helping to bring elephants to South Australia, and will be recognised on our virtual donor wall.

As an Ele-dopter, you'll receive a personal adoption certificate, a photo, and your name on the future Elephant habitat at Monarto Safari Park.

As an Ele-bassador, you'll be able to meet the elephants when they arrive and receive an ambassador lapel pin, a personal ambassador certificate, and your name on the future Elephant habitat.
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Thank you to our 4,816 generous donors!

Help us home elephants

As a conservation charity, we want to provide the best home for these elephants. The prospect of having elephants at Monarto Safari Park is not only exciting, it's the right thing to do for these animals. But we need your help for this vision to become a reality.

Meet the elephants


Permai is best known for her cheeky personality. She loves to be the centre of attention and she’s known among keepers as a bit of a rascal.

She's incredibly loyal and affectionate, and likes to 'help' the horticulture team with tree pruning – even though they don’t ask for it!

Putra Mas

Putra Mas translates to golden prince and he’s certainly earned his namesake! He is as smart as he is cheeky, and he’s quick to trumpet away when happy.

This beautiful boy has grown into an incredibly strong and intelligent bull elephant. In fact, his intelligence continues to blow keepers away.


Burma was born in 1982 in Myanmar (formerly Burma) where she spent her early years at a logging camp. She came to Auckland Zoo in 1990.

Now 40 years old, Burma has matured into a lovely gentle elephant - still very energetic and playful, but slightly less mischievous!

50% of Asian Elephants were lost in the last three generations

It's estimated that there are less than 52,000 Asian Elephants remaining in the wild, with the world losing 50% of Asian Elephants in the last three generations.

This makes regionally-coordinated conservation programs more critical than ever. A long-term collaborative commitment is crucial to ensuring the species remains for generations to come.
Within Australia, the Asian Elephant regional breeding program has experienced immense success, with eight calves born since 2000, and three calves born in the last 12 months alone.
The establishment of a new group in South Australia will increase capacity within the region, making room for more animals to be born into safe habitats with socially appropriate family structures.

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About our charity

Monarto Safari Park is the largest conservation safari experience outside of Africa. While many believe that we are Government-run, we are not.

Monarto Safari Park is run by Zoos South Australia, a private conservation charity. We rely on the generous support of our members, donors and visitors to continue our fight to save species from extinction.

Our purpose and approach

Zoos SA is a conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction. We are an accredited member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia and work for the conservation of nature and a sustainable future.


We're proud to have contributed to critical conservation projects both locally and around the globe that have seen species like the Przewalski's Horse and Greater Bilby released back into the wild.

Animal welfare

Providing top care for our animals is one of our highest priorities. We use a science-based approach to welfare that focusses on the Five Domains: Environment, behaviour, nutrition, health and positive mental state.

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Frequently asked questions

Why does Zoos SA require the public to help pay for the elephants?

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While many believe that Zoos SA is Government-run, we are not. Zoos SA is a private conservation charity. Bringing elephants to Monarto Safari Park is an enormous project, so we need to fundraise. We are calling on the community to help us create a home for the elephants.

Will visitors see the elephants from the Zu-loop bus or will they need to pay extra?

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Visitors will be able to see the elephants from the Zu-loop bus as part of a standard visit.

What have you said previously about having elephants at Monarto Safari Park? 

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As stated in our Master Plan, Zoos SA has remained open to homing elephants at Monarto Safari Park. Initially there are three Asian Elephants that would benefit from a new home right now. We have put the elephants' social needs first and prioritised this project. 

 As a conservation charity, we want to work with fellow accredited zoos to find the best home for elephants in the region so that we can improve their social structure. Creating a home for elephants at Monarto Safari Park is not only exciting, but it's also the right thing to do, especially for females who live in herds in the wild.

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