Happy World Elephant Weekend!

11 Aug 2023

Saturday 12 August is World Elephant Day!

At Monarto Safari Park, we’re celebrating all weekend long with World Elephant Weekend. Thanks to two generous donors, this weekend we're matching your donations dollar for dollar up to $150k!

Think you know all there is to know about our giant friends? Check out these ele-fun facts!

  1. An Asian Elephants trunk can hold up to 9 litres of water!
  2. The scientific name for Asian Elephants is Elephas maximus.
  3. Asian Elephants weigh more than a car! Of the three elephants we’re aiming to create a home for at Monarto Safari park, Permai weighs 3,925kg, Putra Mas weighs 4,760kg and Burma weights 3,900kg.
  4. Asian Elephants can live up to 60 years old in the wild.
  5. Asian Elephants love to wallow in mud! The layer of dust and dirt on their skin acts as a sunscreen and prevents sunburn!

We hope to create an amazing habitat for Asian Elephants at Monarto Safari Park where Permai and Putra Mas from Perth Zoo and Burma from Auckland Zoo could be the first to arrive.

To make our vision a reality we need the community to get behind us and the gorgeous elephants. Donate now to bring elephants to South Australia!