Why we’re creating a home for Asian Elephants

03 Aug 2023

The prospect of having Asian Elephants roam Monarto Safari Park is not only exciting, but it’s the right thing to do. Here’s why.

In the last three generations, the Asian Elephant population has declined by 50%. It’s estimated there are less than 52,000 Asian Elephants remaining in the wild, that’s less than the capacity of Adelaide Oval! This makes regionally coordinated conservation programs more critical than ever.

Creating a home for Asian Elephants at Monarto Safari Park is an opportunity to increase awareness and be involved in Asian Elephant conservation.

There are three Asian Elephants right now that could benefit from a new home that meets their complex social structure needs – Perth Zoo’s Permai and Putra Mas, and Auckland Zoo’s Burma.   We have put the elephants' social needs first and prioritised this project.

As a conservation charity, we want to work with fellow accredited zoos to find the best home for elephants in the region so we can improve their social structure, especially for females who live in herds in the wild.

How do we make our ele-plans reality? This is where you come in.

While you may think we are Government-run, we are not. We are a private conservation charity. To create a home for elephants we need the community to get behind us and the gorgeous elephants. We have limited time to fundraise as ultimately these elephants need new homes.