Meet Permai

04 Aug 2023

Meet Permai, Perth Zoo’s Asian Elephant who could potentially become a founder of a South Australian herd at Monarto Safari Park.

Aged 33, Permai is best known for her mischievous and cheeky personality – she loves to be the centre of attention and she’s known among keepers as a bit of a rascal.

But through the cheekiness, she’s an incredibly loyal and affectionate elephant who loves companionship. She’s also an active gardener and likes to ‘help’ the horticulture team with tree pruning wherever she can – even though they don’t ask for it!

After the loss of matriarch Tricia in 2022, Permai felt deep grief. She leaned heavily on the company of her dedicated keepers, and while she’s regained her spark, she still misses her old elephant friend and the company of other females.

Now, Permai remains the only female elephant at Perth Zoo and she desperately needs a forever home with an elephant herd.

We hope to create an amazing habitat for Asian Elephants at Monarto Safari Park where Permai could be one of the first to arrive.

To make our vision a reality we need the community to get behind us and the gorgeous elephants. Donate now to bring elephants to South Australia!