Meet Burma

04 Aug 2023

Meet Putra Mas, Auckland Zoo’s Asian Elephant who could potentially become a founder of a South Australian herd at Monarto Safari Park.

Burma was born in 1982 in Myanmar (formerly Burma) where she spent her early years at a logging camp. She came to Auckland Zoo in 1990 at eight years old.  

Now 40 years old, Burma has matured into a lovely gentle elephant - still very energetic and playful, but slightly less mischievous!

Auckland Zoo’s older female elephant Kashin became her constant companion until she passed away in 2009. 

Asian elephant Anjalee arrived in 2015 (aged eight) before moving to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia in March 2022.  The two elephants enjoyed a friendship and each other’s company.

Thanks to the skills and dedication of the team at Auckland Zoo to meet Burma’s needs, she is continuing to do well while her team continue to work hard to find her a new forever home with an elephant family herd and environment that will best meet her needs and ensure her future long-term wellbeing.

We hope to create an amazing habitat for Asian Elephants at Monarto Safari Park where Burma could be one of the first to arrive.

To make our vision a reality we need the community to get behind us and the gorgeous elephants. Donate now to bring elephants to South Australia!