Meet Putra Mas

04 Aug 2023

Meet Putra Mas, Perth Zoo’s Asian Elephant who could potentially become a founder of a South Australian herd at Monarto Safari Park.

Putra Mas translates to ‘golden prince’ and he’s certainly earned his namesake! He is as smart as he is cheeky, and he’s quick to vocalise and trumpet away when he’s happy.

Putra Mas is 33 years old and has grown into an incredibly strong and remarkably intelligent bull elephant. In fact, his intelligence continues to blow keepers away!

While working with him from a safe distance, keepers say Putra Mas is able to understand new training programs very quickly and with ease. It’s incredible to watch him understand his keepers and play games with them like soccer and relay races.

Putra Mas has also played an important role in the species’ regional breeding program, introducing new and valuable genetics into the pool. In 2018, he sired a calf through artificial insemination, a female born in NSW.

While male elephants are solitary in the wild, Putra Mas needs more space than Perth Zoo’s inner-city site can provide.

We hope to create an amazing habitat for Asian Elephants at Monarto Safari Park where Putra Mas could be one of the first to arrive.

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